Mold Service

We build molds with a long life span for a great variety of machine types. This gives you independence and security for your invest.   Our PET group has an experienced team at its disposal which supports you from the development of the preform up to mass production. This service does not end with supply of the products as we remain your contact partner through the entire lifespan of the mold. Our commitment does not end after mold delivery – as your partner, we will keep on providing reliable support afterwards. We supply the best possible intensive, active and direct support in a plan covering after-sales and mold service.


Mold Refurbishment

Is your mold getting on in years? With a thorough refurbishment it won’t only look as good as new, it will also function as such. We perform refurbishment and repair services on molds from MHT and other manufacturers using predefined standard packages or custom packages set by you.Parts are replaced and other areas – according the desired extent – are cleaned, or likewise, exchanged. Our services apply to:


  • Cold half
  • Hotrunner
  • Take-out plate
  • Post mold cooling
  • Or the entire mold


Mold Conversion

We restore MHT molds to their original performance, convert them for new requirements and even increase their performance with the corresponding conversions. We provide conversions for molds from MHT and other manufacturers. This includes changes to product design such as:


  • Preform weight
  • Preform design
  • Thread
  • Light weight optimization (MHTsaveBASE, MHT21LIGHT)

Here you can read why Roger Kerr from Western Container had his 10 year old MHT mold converted to a new preform design.

Roger Kerr, Western Container Corporation

The availability of the system is very high, and with 192 cavities we have the large output volume we need for our business.

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Local Service

Highly qualified MHT technicians service the mold when it is put into operation and also remain available for all technical issues afterward. Our service offer includes:


  • Start-up operation of the mold
  • Customer training
  • Service package
  • Emergency assistance


Get in touch

You have something on your mind and want to send a quick email exactly to the person in charge? Okay, let's go. For service requests and trouble reports please click on Service. For questions concerning spare parts, orders and maintenance, please use Aftersales.  

MHT Service Team