PET molds

The most important strength of MHT lies in production diversity. We produce PET preform molds for all known machine types and often offer a higher number of cavities than competitors. Your advantages: independence and a perfect preform quality.

Hotrunner systems

The basis for the short cycle times of MHT molds is created by our self made manifolds with their perfect balancing and unusually good start-up performance. On most occasions the second shot is ready for mass production.

Mold Service

Our service covers the entire lifespan of a mold: from commissioning through to possible desired modification. And, after refurbishment of the cold half, hotrunner or take-out plate, your existing mold will not only look as good as new, it will also function as such.

Your advantage

Perfect preforms, molds with a long lifespan, where a conversion after ten years is worthwile, and a low consumption oft energy and water. MHT molds make sense in the short and long run.