Perfect Preforms

Our customers include world-renowned preform and beverage producers. Benefit too from the high-quality preforms made with MHT molds:

  • No crystallinity or scratches
  • High surface quality 
  • Low acetaldehyde (AA) level 
  • Seamless parting lines
  • Minimal eccentricity 
  • High stability 
  • Constant weight 


An investment is sustainable when it its effect continues over many years. For our customer, Western Container, we recently reconstructed a 192-cavity mold which has produced more than three billion preforms to the current 1881 light thread.

Roger Kerr, Western Container Corporation

The availability of the system is very high, and with 192 cavities we have the large output volume we need for our business.

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MHT cares about the environment and the saving of natural resources. For this reason we continuously optimize the power and water consumption of our molds.

Everyone benefits, through:

  • lower investment costs for cooling plants 
  • lower energy costs for pumping capacity
  • less water pollution

In addition to PET, rPET and PP, our molds can also be designed for and run with PLA.  Together with a partner, we already produced PET preforms directly from 100% regrind flakes in 2004 – under vacuum and without pre-drying.

Water consumption of MHT molds