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MHT reinforces the Krones Group

With effect from November 7, 2018 we have become a new member of the globally successful Krones Group (, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany. Under this umbrella, we will continue our operations as an independently acting specialist for PET preform tools for all kinds of machine platforms from our premises in Hochheim am Main. All trusted contact persons will continue to be available. In our ambition to maintain steady growth, we will now benefit from the strength of our new parent company and make use of its existing international structures. The innovative strength and technical expertise that have distinguished MHT since its founding in 1996 will receive additional opportunities to unleash their potential.

Anniversary: 20 years of vertical molds by MHT

The pioneer and industry leader celebrates its anniversary: For 20 years, MHT has been manufacturing vertical molds for PET preforms – longer than any other company. Although horizontal systems are more commonly used, the vertical technology offers exciting advantages. The tools are very low-wear and the demolding is achieved through gravity. This is particularly interesting for transfer-sensitive preforms, for example those with very short bodies or wide-neck openings.

The history of vertical preform tools started to pick up speed in the spring of 1998, when a PETForm 175 from KraussMaffei was assembled at MHT. The project team installed the new BP028 mold with 24 cavities and a pitch of 60x152 on it and then tested and optimized it. The complete system was then operated on the K 1998 at the KraussMaffei trade fair stand and drew a lot of attention. A mere three years later, MHT presented a 48-cavity vertical tool on the K 2001 and has been increasing the number of cavities consistently since then. Currently, models with up to 112 cavities are available for the PETForm 320. The gripper plate and the post mold cooling are also generally provided by MHT.

Sampling up to 128 cavites on the IPS 400

There's a new guy in the MHT testroom: An IPS 400 (B-series) by Sacmi now makes it possible to sample molds with up to 128 cavities. The process data are stored and provided to the customer in the manual. Given a suitable machine configuration, this will then facilitate ramping up the production at the target destination. All mold types compatible with Sacmi machines can thus be subjected to function tests - for example the widely used 96-cavity tool for Husky HyPET systems.

Number of cavities Pitch (mm x mm) Maschine type
48 60 x 152 Husky
56 50 x 152 Husky
72 50 x 140 Husky
72 60 x 140 Husky
96 50 x 140 Sacmi
96 50 x 155 Sacmi/Husky
96 60 x 140 Sacmi/Husky
128 50 x 111 Sacmi/Husky

Meet our Experts

As the year is drawing to its close, our next trade show date will be in 2019. You can find us in the German Pavilion at the Chinaplas in Guangzhou (May 21-24, 2019). Please come and visit.