Packaging Design

You know exactly what kind of bottle you want? We can help you realize your plan. Together with the colleagues at our parent company Krones we combine our experience in the injection molding and stretch blowing fields. Please make use of our profound know how about preform and bottle design. 

Our Service

  • Advice regarding design, material, product requirements and technical implementation
  • Technical optimization of existing designs for weight, surfacefeel and line efficiency
  • Finite-elements analysis for optimizing the bottle performance
  • Injection simulation for special preform geometries
  • Sample preform production
  • Stretch blow molding tests


From idea to product


Briefing, analysis, consulting


Visualisation, FEA simulation, 3D mock-ups 


Preform dimensioning, stretch blow molding tests, laboratory tests

Functional Approval

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), mold validation (big quantities), series production  

Start of Production

SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

Example: Weight Reduction

Save money with existing bottle designs. For example: We were able to even reduce the weight of the award-winning Krones droplet-shaped bottle with a filling quantity of 200 ml.  

Technical Features

  • Weight reduction from 4.4 g to 3.9 g
  • Produced from 100% recycling material
  • Pressurised with nitrogen
  • Innovative design for mini bottles
  • Suitable for standard blow-molding machines


Preform samples within 2 weeks

With a "fast" 2-cavity mold we can produce your preform samples within only two to three weeks as long as it is a standard geometry. This is possible by using mostly standard stack parts. Only few parts need to be made individually.   

Body diameter max. 40 mm
SL diameter max. 42 mm
Thread diameter max. 40 mm
Parting line - length at neckring max. 46 mm
Parting line - length at cavity min. 20 mm

Bottle design and stretch blow molding

Our colleagues at Krones are experts for bottle design and the stretch blow molding process. If you are interested, please click below. You can even use a botte configurator under PET Design.     

Your Benefit

  • Perfekt brand image
  • Lightweighting
  • Closed PET circle under one roof