The primary area of utilization for PET preforms are beverage containers which are manufactured in their billions the world over and where quick cycle times and high output are of highest priority. We possess the entire range of preform designs and screw threads: from extremely short water-, to sporty CSD-bottle necks through to crystalline hotfill applications.


Honey or pickled gherkins: In the retail food section PET packaging is on the rise as it reduces transport weight and risk of breakage. We also build the appropriate molds for these wide-neck applications.

Special Applications

2K Applications

  • For barrier technologies (e.g. special preforms for UHD milk)
  • Two components in one manifold (e.g. for shuttle molds) 

Special molds

  • Article development
  • Mold design
  • Hotrunner design for special applications (e.g. bottle-in-bottle)
  • Nozzles for limited installation space
  • Micro-injection points available 

Vacuum blood tubes

  • Special PET types or additives
  • Wall thickness < 1mm
    • Length to wall thickness ratio up to 120
    • Perfect injection point quality
    • Meets legal requirements for medical applications

    Different types of resin

    • For preforms made of PP, PE, PLA
      • For barrier technology 
      • For pharmaceutical applications
      • For toner cartridges and more