The primary area of utilization for PET preforms are beverage containers which are manufactured in their billions the world over and where quick cycle times and high output are of highest priority. We possess the entire range of preform designs and screw threads: from extremely short water-, to sporty CSD-bottle necks through to crystalline hotfill applications.


Honey or pickled gherkins: In the retail food section PET packaging is on the rise as it reduces transport weight and risk of breakage. We also build the appropriate molds for these wide-neck applications.


PET vacuumed blood tubes are light and unbreakable – two important advantages for the laboratory daily routine. MHT supplies blood vial molds with, for example 24 cavities and guarantees absolute dimensional accuracy and transparency of the blood tubes as well as a perfect surface.

Please go to the website of Kebo, our sales partner for blood vacuum tubes and caps, or just click here on the button.   

Special Construction

Spray nozzles for household cleaners, corks for wine bottles and much more. The MHT development team is happy to realize molds for unusual projects with you as well.