MHT reinforces the Krones Group

With effect from November 7, 2018 we have become a new member of the globally successful Krones Group (, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany. Under this umbrella, we will continue our operations as an independently acting specialist for PET preform tools for all kinds of machine platforms from our premises in Hochheim am Main. All trusted contact persons will continue to be available. In our ambition to maintain steady growth, we will now benefit from the strength of our new parent company and make use of its existing international structures. The innovative strength and technical expertise that have distinguished MHT since its founding in 1996 will receive additional opportunities to unleash their potential.

20 years of vertical molds by MHT

The pioneer and industry leader celebrates its anniversary: For 20 years, MHT has been manufacturing vertical molds for PET preforms – longer than any other company. Although horizontal systems are more commonly used, the vertical technology offers exciting advantages. The tools are very low-wear and the demolding is achieved through gravity. This is particularly interesting for transfer-sensitive preforms, for example those with very short bodies or wide-neck openings.

The history of vertical preform tools started to pick up speed in the spring of 1998, when a PETForm 175 from KraussMaffei was assembled at MHT. The project team installed the new BP028 mold with 24 cavities and a pitch of 60x152 on it and then tested and optimized it. The complete system was then operated on the K 1998 at the KraussMaffei trade fair stand and drew a lot of attention. A mere three years later, MHT presented a 48-cavity vertical tool on the K 2001 and has been increasing the number of cavities consistently since then. Currently, models with up to 112 cavities are available for the PETForm 320. The gripper plate and the post mold cooling are also generally provided by MHT.

Sampling up to 128 cavites on the IPS 400

There's a new guy in the MHT testroom: An IPS 400 (B-series) by Sacmi now makes it possible to sample molds with up to 128 cavities. The process data are stored and provided to the customer in the manual. Given a suitable machine configuration, this will then facilitate ramping up the production at the target destination. All mold types compatible with Sacmi machines can thus be subjected to function tests - for example the widely used 96-cavity tool for Husky HyPET systems.

Number of cavities Pitch (mm x mm) Maschine type
48 60 x 152 Husky
56 50 x 152 Husky
72 50 x 140 Husky
72 60 x 140 Husky
96 50 x 140 Sacmi
96 50 x 155 Sacmi/Husky
96 60 x 140 Sacmi/Husky
128 50 x 111 Sacmi/Husky


Pressure-free spraying and accurate pouring: The Dutch company AFA Dispensing specializes in dosing liquids. MHT has supplied the tools for this purpose since 2001. By now, numbers 12 and 13 have been ordered. Here you can read why.

Henk Kooiman, AFA Dispensing

MHT offers the ideal combination of accuracy and reliability as well as openness for development.

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New MHT experts for the Middle East and Africa

MHT customers in Africa and the Middle East now have a powerful team of sales and project managers at their side. Bilal Elamrani (left) has been working for MHT for ten years and completed his training as a toolmaker at the company. This was followed by three years in production and further training as a mechanical engineer before he took over as project manager for Western Europe in 2015. He now switches to the sales side for MEA.

Manuel Oelsner (right) has been with MHT since the beginning of 2018 and technically comes from the plastics processing sector. Here, he completed an apprenticeship as a process mechanic and further training as a technician. He already gained experience as a project manager in his previous company and is now using this experience at MHT.


Sales & Service in Mexico

Now we are even closer to our customers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Plasgrom (Plastics Group Mexico) is our new sales and service partner for this region.

Please click on the logo to get to the Plasgrom website. 

Christian Wagner leads MHT as CEO

Effective Dec. 1, 2017, Christian Wagner, previously Chairman responsible for technology, is in charge of MHT as sole member of the Management Board and leads the corporate group as Chief Executive Officer. With this change in management, the company is concluding a strategic realignment that aims at an even stronger concentration on technical competence and innovative strength. As a certified mechanical engineer (Dipl.-Ing.), Christian Wagner (46) has been working with MHT since the company was founded in 1996. He was responsible for the entire tool development sector as well as all patent-related matters and has been heading the MHT subsidiary in the US. In this capacity, he gathered extensive experience in the area of technical sales. Under his leadership, MHT aims to increasingly benefit from international market opportunities and consistently drive the company's own growth.


Post Mold Cooling

Cooling dictates the cycle time – and when it comes to PET preforms, which are manufactured by the billions, every tenth of a second counts. MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG (MHT) in Hochheim / Main supplies molds with up to 192 cavities, including the accompanying post mold cooling unit that is frequently faster than the original, for all current PET-systems.

New Service Technicians

MHT is continuing to expand its service department and is delighted to welcome four new employees.


MHT Prototyping

Do you have an idea for a new bottle design? We will support you with the matching preform. We will create a double-prototype tool in only two to three weeks. The preform samples manufactured by this tool will give you an opportunity to obtain important information about the remainder of the process.



MHT sales department with new experts

Our new contact persons for the Latin America and Eastern Europe sales regions: Many MHT customers will remember Andreas Krampe (left) from his first position as Director of Projects North America (2010 – 2015). With his comprehensive technical knowledge and fluent command of the Spanish language, he is now supervising all projects in Latin America.

Nikos Tzouridis can look back on many years of experience in sales and project planning at leading providers in the PET-area and the beverage packaging industry. As a certified machine technician and management expert, he will now make his expertise available to customers in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.


Vulcan II

The hot runner is a decisive factor in the power capacity of a tool: MHT has been manufacturing hot runners for 20 years and optimally adjusts them to the requirements of the preform production. With Vulcan II, we have now created new hot runner components that make longer standing times, lower energy consumption and longer maintenance intervals possible. More information can be found in our flyer and a publication in PETplanet.

Flyer Vulcan II


PETplanet, 04/2017


National Polyplast India and MHT

The converter is one of India's largest preform manufacturer and an important supplier for PepsiCo. Now National Polyplast (India) Ltd. is expanding its production with two 96 cavity molds from MHT. In an interview, Managing Director Alok Parakh explains their reasons for this.

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MHT Test room

An important addition in the MHT test room: The following tools can now be sampled on a Sacmi IPS 400:

32 cavities (pitch 50x130),
48 cavities (pitches 60x152 and 63.5x160),
56 cavities (pitch 50x152),
72 cavities (pitch 60x140),
96 cavities (pitches 50x140, 60x140 and 50x155).

The machine was first presented at the K Trade Fair, where it garnered a great deal of interest at the Sacmi booth.   

Click on the video below to see it in action.


New Sales Managers

There are some changes in the MHT distribution area: Alexander Plass (left) is moving from project planning to distribution and will be in charge of the Southeast Asian region. Alexander Plass has been working for the company since it was founded in 1996. As a trained toolmaker, he was an important part of the team that set up the modern manufacturing centers before becoming Project Manager in 2011.

Nicole Merkel (right), who had worked as Project Manager and Key Account Manager for MHT from 2006 to 2012, now returns to the team as After Sales Manager. As a mechanical engineer and industrial engineer, she is particularly suited to competently support customers, especially on refurbishments and conversions.



Almost every MHT client knows him: Erich Winkler (left), who has been running the service department for many years. Now he has passed the baton to his successor Rainer Petry and is enjoying his well-deserved retirement.  

The transition is assured of continuity, because Rainer Petry (right) has had an influence on all processes as deputy head of customer service and application technology since 2002. A trained toolmaker, he started working for MHT in 1997, first in tool assembly and the hot runner service department. This makes him highly competent in all of MHT's technical areas.